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Capricious Nonsense!   Leave a comment

What did I just watch, Blah! Vaastu Prakara is a total let down and it was an embarrassing experience.

  • Rakshit Shetty as Kubera – Pah! Total chutiyapa performance from him , esp when he attempts to cry with jaggesh, and his tagged m’lorean accent , he just can’t shun it!
  • Parul Yadav as Lawyer Nirmala – Amma thayi! such a torture, blaepet chickpet setu chicks can speak fluent kannada than her
  • Aishani Shetty as Ritu – Such a contrast! It’s hard to believe that Bhatt had conjured-up character like Ambika (Nidhi Subbaiah) in Pancharangi, and in VP Ritu is just another NRI-Charming-dumb-woogly-woogly-woosh-waaah-annoying girl.
  • Jaggesh and Bogse full godhi payasa antics are too much to view/listen to
  • Ananth Nag and Sudharani piece are the sanest
  • High five for Pathaje’s Cinematography


Just like his election song krantha, klinna, klantha, klistha, kruddha, kroora, krodha kokkre kaalu, VP is just another gig which doesn’t make sense at all!

Sakkre Pongal, Bakra Single! – Vaastu Prakara   Leave a comment

It’s the same old ingredients again = V.Harikrishna+yograj Bhatt+Jayanth Kaykini, the only difference is the wrapper. Vaastu Prakara is the new product of the above combo, starring: Rakshit Shetty, Jaggesh, Aishani Shetty, Parul Yadav, Anant Nag, Sudha Rani, T. N. Seetharam, Sudha Belawadi.


  • “Vaastu Prakaara” of Yogaraj Bhat , sung by Yogaraj Bhat, V. Harikrishna – ನೀರ್ ಕೊಕ್ಕರೆ , ಹಂದಿ and elections. Just can’t connect the dots.
  • “Simply Met Her” of Yogaraj Bhat, sung by V. Harikrishna – Has good intro, but gets muddled up with gibberish stuff, sakkre pongal and bakra single!
  • “Besara Kaatara” of Yogaraj Bhat, sung by Sonu Nigam – Nigams vocals are fabulous!
  • “Biddalle Beruri” of Jayant Kaikini, sung by Vijay Prakash – Perhaps the only song which makes sense, wonderful lyrics!
  • “Kabbadi Kabbadi” of Yogaraj Bhat , Sung by Tippu, V. Harikrishna – Also known as thamate music, whaat next? – Kabbadi Kabbadi .. :D :D
  • “Manege Nalku Moole” of Yogaraj Bhat , Sung by Tippu – An intro on how Vaastu is incorporated in everyday life , very.. very mediocre!


My Picks:

Besara Kaatara, Simply Met Her, Biddalle Beruri

UK – Blatant hedonistic blabber . . .   1 comment

The oh-so-talented-brilliant-gifted next gen sandalwood directors these days! They watch all the cult movies of Kurosawa, Guy Ritchie, Nolan, Frank Miller, Scorsese, Tarantino, and develop scripts like ‘Ulidavaru Kandante’ and say they eat-breathe-live cinema! Friggin’ pseudo ectoplasmic Nincompoops!!! If every friggin’ shot or character is inspired by some movie, how will you determine the ‘naturalness’ of the product?


Incorporated with all the borrowed inspiration, Rakshit shetty makes a friggin’ short film material into a debut movie. There’s nothing which keeps audience engaged, Sync Sound, Climax hugely disappoints, and above all shetty’s apparent hedonistic obsession with Cuban kid’s confusion is so pathetic, plastic.

Damn you RK for spoiling Ugaadi!

ಉಳಿದವರು ಕಂಡಂತೆ – As seen by. . . . .   2 comments

Self-portraiture is something one should never get involved in, since it is wrong to lie even though one endeavours to tell the truth.” – Ingmar Bergman

Gulzar Khan of ತನಿಕೆ   fame was so enthusiastic, passionate filmmaker that he loved thinking about himself, talking about himself, looking at himself and being producer-leadactor-singer-lyricist-music-director-screenwriter-editor-diloguewriter-choregrahper his contribution to ತನಿಕೆ was immense. :D Likewise, Rakshit Shetty (Simple Star) too is heading in the same direction. However, the only etched difference: Rakshit’s ಮಲ್ಲ ಮಂಡೆ’s bombarded with sensible perceptions and ideas which is extremely comforting. Eg: an excerpt from his UK blog

“Looking at an old pic I clicked on my phone during the shoot of Simple aagond Love Story, a thought passed by. A realization it seems. Not that I was not aware of it before. It was always there inside me, but this sudden moist eyes and goosebumps just got me confirmed that I must be valuing this thought a lot… ‘Realize the passion, come full circle, be a child once again and then looking for the ideal world of Cinema, be a CINEMA”

Be a cinema!! Hmm sounds a bit tad opulent, nevertheless it’s an honest perspective. So, why make a comparison with Gulzar Khan? It’s outrageous isn’t it! Well, the answer to that is overindulgence, self-pamper and Self-portraiture which I find that in abundance. Connected with just four movies, Ulidavaru Kandanthe(as seen by the rest) is Rakshit Shetty’s directorial debut. The product is an amalgamation of concepts derived from his favorite filmmakers (Guy Ritchie, Martin Scorsese, Tarantino, Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, Anurag Kashyap, Upendra, and Shankaranna)


Honestly I just loathe the idea of integrating, constructing a movie based on preconceived notions, on the movies that one grows up with or admires incessantly. The artist considers his isolation, his subjectivity, his individualism almost holy (Bergman). The artist is so much consumed that he ventures out in every possible directions, examining, meddling the decision-making ability of associated peers.

Well, Ulidavaru Kandanthe original soundtrack too, runs in parallel with the same accord. Composed by B. Ajaneesh Loknath the album comprises of 12 tracks! A brief review

Gatiya Ilidu of Vijay Prakash, Lyrics: Rakshit Shetty
Kicks off with tulu lyrics which is immediately translated to kannada, archetypal oh-i-am-in-love expressions which is harmoniously sung by Vijay Prakash.

Kakig Banna Kaanta of Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics: Rakshit Shetty
How will a Crow view through the paint? An introspective study… Jeeezzz! Shreya does a marvelous job in expressing the same.

Paper Paper Medicine Paper of B.R Hruishikesh, Aditya Sunil Dutt, Mallesh Hoogar , Puttaraj Hoogar ,Gagan G Gaonkar, Lyrics : Rakshit Shetty
The whole accordion seems to be derived from Sneha Khanwalkar’s “Chhi Chha Ledar”!

Kanna Muchhe of Shankar Mahadevan , Vani Harikrishna , Lyrics : Suni
The whole accordion seems to be derived from Rahman’s “Luka Chuppi”!!and Mr. Shetty says “there is not even a single phrase of composition which is similar” WTF! Dude you’ve just bluntly incorporated the god-damn theme!

Knock Knock of Bobby C.R, Lyrics: Manojava Galgali, Vigneshwara Vishwa
The whole accordion seems to be derived from Kill bill’s “Bang Bang”!! The music piece starts off with contemplative kannada lyrics and all of a sudden its “Knock knock”, its sounds so friggin’ pseudo!!

Male Maretu of Vijay Prakash Lyrics: Vigneshwara Vishwa
Can’t seem to notice any derivation for this pathos number, which is remarkably sung by Mr. Prakash, lyrics too has a deep essence eg: ಎಳೆ ಬಿಸಿಲ ನೆನಪಾಗಿ ಅತ್ತಂತೆ ಇಳಿ ಸಂಜೆಯ ಹೂವು..

The Final Showdown, Richie’s Theme, Hulivesha, Theme of Ulidavaru Kandante
These four tracks are the best of the lot that UK dispense.

Hulivesha beats – pays tribute to Tarantino, Mughle-e-zam, Ravichandran-Ranadheera, Shankarnag-Santoshakke, Hamsalekha-Olage seridare gundu, just terrific!!
The Final Showdown – follows footsteps of Hulivesha, nevertheless it is engaging, intriguing.
Richie’s Theme – A theme dedicated to bad ass Richie a.k.a Antonio Montana (Al Pacino – Tony Montana), a bit of sergio leone in the intro, which has ಎಂತ ಸಾವ! and  ಎಂತದ  ಬೋಳಿಮಕ್ಕಳ ನಗ್ತಾ ಇದಿರ , ಶೂಟ್ ಮಾಡ್ಬೇಕ ?  interludes. Terrific again!
Theme of Ulidavaru Kandante – A fitting theme dedicated to Malpe, a small fishing town on the Arabian Coast. Located 6 kms to the west of the temple town, Udupi. UK has three stories which are interdependent, as much as its diverse protagonist’s,  Malpe too delineates as a principal character in the movie.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe (Title Track) of Ajaneesh lokanath , Rakshit Shetty, Lyrics : Yogaraj Bhat
ಕಾಗೆ ಪಿಯಾ, ಗುಬ್ಬಿ ಪಿಯಾ. ಸತ್ಯ ಸುಳ್ಳು…  ರೈಯ್ಯ ರೈಯ್ಯ… !! ಕಟ್ಟಿಕೊಡು ಸುಬ್ಬಣ್ಣ ಕಾಲ್ ಕೇಜಿ ಮೆಂಥ್ಯ!!  Hahahahahhaha typical of Yograj Bhatt. But, I must say this one’s too much to bear!!

Ulidavaru Kandanthe (Promotional Song) of Rakshit Shetty, Lyrics : Suni
I was wondering why they didn’t brag about the movie title just like they did for SOLS, one gets exhausted listening to –anthe suffixes which just randomly branches out to assert, justify title’s embodiment. However, just loved the tune. (01:19- 01:30)

Generally, UK music has got good reviews, I just cannot comprehend how or why Milliblog rated it 200/200, probably I don’t see what everyone recognize , that’s because we are wired differently and have different fondness, appetence. That being said, UK isn’t bad either it has terrific themes and i am really in awe with those.

My Picks:
Hulivesha beats, Male Maretu

Ulidavaru Kandande – Official Site
Gandhadagudi Forums
Ulidavaru Kandanthe – wikipedia

ಕಾಕಿಗ್ ಬಣ್ಣ, ಉಳಿದವರು ಕಂಡಂತೆ (2014)   Leave a comment

How will a Crow view through the paint? An introspective study… Jeeezzz! Shreya does a marvelous job in expressing the same.

ಹಾಡು : ಕಾಕಿಗ್ ಬಣ್ಣ , ಚಿತ್ರ: ಉಳಿದವರು ಕಂಡಂತೆ (೨೦೧೪), ಗಾಯನ: ಶ್ರೇಯಾ ಘೋಶಾಲ್ , ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯ: ರಕ್ಷಿತ್ ಶೆಟ್ಟಿ  , ಸಂಗೀತ :ಬಿ. ಅಜನೀಶ್ ಲೋಕನಾಥ್

ಕಾಕಿಗ್ ಬಣ್ಣ… ಕಾಂತ?
ಬಣ್ಣ ಹಾಕ್’ದ್ ಚರ್ಮ…  ಕಾಂತ?
ಭಂಗಿ ಸೇದಿದ್ ತಲಿ, ಸತ್ಯ ಕಾಂತ..  ಸುಳ್ಳು ಕಾಂತ?

ಕಾಕಿಗ್ ಬಣ್ಣ… ಕಾಂತ?
ಬಣ್ಣ ಹಾಕ್’ದ್ ಚರ್ಮ…  ಕಾಂತ?
ಭಂಗಿ ಸೇದಿದ್ ತಲಿ, ಸತ್ಯ ಕಾಂತ..  ಸುಳ್ಳು ಕಾಂತ?

ಜ್ಯೈದ್ ಎಲಿ, ಬಿಳಿ ಸುಣ್ಣ.. ಕಾಂತ?
ಸತ್ ಜೀವ, ಗಂಜಿ ತಿಳಿ..  ಕಾಂತ?
ಜ್ಯೈದ್ ಎಲಿ… ಗಂಜಿ ತಿಳಿ..
ಭಾಷಿ ಬರದ್ ನ್ಯಾಲ್ಗಿ, ಕೀರ್ತಿ ಕಾಂತ…  ಕ್ರಾಂತಿ ಕಾಂತ?

ತಾಳಿ ಗರಿ,  ಲಿಪಿ..  ಕಾಂತ?
ಕನಕನ್ ಕಿಂಡಿ, ಮೈ ಬಣ್ಣ…  ಕಾಂತ?
ದಾಸರ್ ಪದ, ಹಬ್ಬ ಕಾಂತ….  ಜಾತ್ರಿ ಕಾಂತ?

ಕಾಕಿಗ್ ಬಣ್ಣ… ಕಾಂತ?
ಬಣ್ಣ ಹಾಕ್’ದ್ ಚರ್ಮ…  ಕಾಂತ?
ಭಂಗಿ ಸೇದಿದ್ ತಲಿ, ಸತ್ಯ ಕಾಂತ..  ಸುಳ್ಳು ಕಾಂತ?

Bak Bak Overdose!! – Simple aagond love story   Leave a comment

ಕುಶಾಲ್: ಈ ಮಳೆಗಾಲದಲ್ಲೂ ಗಿಡಗಳಿಗೆ ನೀವ್ ನೀರ್ ಹಾಕ್ತಿರ …
ಕುಶಿ:ಯಾಕೆ, ಮಕ್ಕಳಾದ್ಮೇಲೆ ಮಾಡೋಲ್ವ… (pause) ಸಂಸಾರನಾ  :D

Well, in the movie such conversations are repeatedly modeled out of persistent vivacity which progressively dampens the spatial patterns of romantic relationships between individuals, thus negates its applied implications. It’s like a drug overdose; it feels exciting at the beginning but one gets worn out due its sheer pace and quantity.


The promos did generate a lot of interest, and due to that the director of Simple aagond love story, Suni raised the bar on the commercial effects to be integrated into the movie, acquired the TV rights and simultaneously increased the budget, also conveyed that “The story is told from three different points of view. It also takes place in three different seasons. It is a feel good film. I was inspired to write this story after watching a play in which Ravana comes in the form of a beggar to lure Sita. Eighty percent of the film focuses only on two characters and what happens in a day“. Inspired by a play in which Ravana manifests as beggar to lure Sita ?!?!?!? HTF |?| I am still scratching my head..

The movie begins with dismal shot of a building which is bombarded with sunshine-laden downpour!! It is the office of Radio City 91.1fm (incidentally, the radio partner of the movie) and RJ Rachna (Rachna) sets up a lectured conference with her brother Khushal – ad filmmaker (Rakshit Shetty) who happens to be in Coorg to fix his own preconceived alliance with Dr Ithihasini. Equipped with a DSLR he carries an any empty 200-250 ltr backpack :P , he is somewhere near Palibetta and fixates his gaze on some random female who also appears to be immersed in photography!!!! Aaaw…..chooo chweet!! Consequently, he publishes his hourly report back to his RJ sister who promptly airs it on the radio. Aw… So endearing!! Later, he reaches his destination and finds out that the random female is none other than Dr. Ithihasini herself and there’s nobody home plus it’s raining… what a coincidence!! Perfect recipe for romance… Aw… so charming!! :D

They both invest their energies in some really fine conversations, beatifically introducing themselves with exquisite expressions which are just brilliant; these are one of the very few moments of the movie which simply sparkle. Eg: Woodcutter ad :D ;) Furthermore, they also discuss about their troubled, failed love chronicles. One of the surprising elements is that they bridge, muse over their respective ex’s through own persona, I mean this is fundamentally wrong unless you are already under an impression that you are undeniably content with the other. In this case, you can even predict that they’re gonna end up getting married to each other!

Unwanted, unwarranted cameo from Srinagara Kitti which painstakingly exemplifies ಕಣ್ಣಿರಿನ ಸಂವೇದನೆ, ಸಂಭಾವನೆ, Commendable VFX for Nigam’s ಬಾನಲಿ ಬದಲಾಗೋ where Mirinda cans, Cigarette buds take to the air. Post interval, things being to get grubby; Kushal talks about his college and Kushi reveals her impeccable skills of Mushroom cultivation and the faithful sister keeps updating the same on the radio. Now, Khushal loves Khushi and is awaiting for her response, Nothing really happens, the movie trudges slowly, dusk falls and our hero prepares Aaloo parotha , ironically our heroine dozes off into a dreamy world of ಕರಗಿದ ಬಾನಿನಲ್ಲಿ to which the choreography (the essence is completely ruined) is just pathetic!! Fortunately, Khushi decides to wake up the audience from slumber by declaring that she is suffering from a rare disease!

ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಪ್ರೇಮ ಪುಸ್ತಕದ್ ಬದನೆಕಾಯಿ ಅಂದವರು ಲವ್ ಮ್ಯಾರೇಜ್ ಆದ್ರು…
ಪ್ರೇಮಲೋಕ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿಸಿದ ದೇವರೇ ಅರೆಂಜ್ ಮ್ಯಾರೇಜ್ ಆದ್ರು….
ಲವ್ವೂ, ಲೈಫು ಹಿಂಗೇ ಅಂತ ಹೇಳೋಕ್ಕೆ ಆಗಲ್ಲ… ನಿಮ್ ಆಲೋಚನೆಗೊಂದು ಉ ಟರ್ನ್ ಕೊಡಿ…

Swetha SrivastavaThe u-turn climax was really interesting and it made me to sit again ;) in so doing provided a different perspective which minimized its triviality. Although the concept seems to be inspired from 50 first dates, it is integrated with great care so that one does not accuse of plagiarism. (As Khushal aptly puts it (youtube assignment) use the word ‘inspired from’ instead of ‘copied from’)

Well, I must admit that the name of movie title is misleading, the love story isn’t that Simple as it claims to be. Editing, camerawork and songs are decent enough but Suni’s filled it overdose of perky dialogues, all the characters seem to have a heightened consciousness and he has not spared anyone , even the guy attending nature call or the god-damn professor’s speech are highly accentuated. However, newbie’s Rakshit and Swetha performances are amazing. Although Rakshit’s still attached to his Mangalorean/Udupi accent, he should be complimented for his ever evolving efforts towards greater perfection. Swetha’s simply marvelous; she does a beautiful job of expressing solicitous emotions; switching back and forth through the physical and delusional.

The debutant director Suni looks sharp and promising and his aim was to establish himself as a director in the industry, well I heartily congratulate him for constructing a movie devoid of any mundanity that which the commercial Kannada cinema normally possess. Plus a high five for delivering a neat movie from an unexpected ensemble cast that never fails to impress.


“Sweet Disposition” – ಸಿಂಪಲ್ಲಾಗ್ ಒಂದ್ ಲವ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ   1 comment

Peppered with love, incorporated with trendy-catchy, multi-layered dialogues, the promo of Simple aagond Love Story (running close to 9 min!!) made a lot of noise on youtube and social networking sites. Obviously, it had to compile fastidious impression on the audience because it is completely different from all kinds of mundanity, which the kannada commercial cinema normally possess.

The concept for Simple aagond Love Story is from the Rookie director: Suni. Rakshith Shetty of Tuglak fame and Swetha Srivatsa of  Cyber Yugadhol Navayuva Madhura Premakavyam fame, are main protagonists , they are indispensable, integral part of the film. The trailer alone demonstrates their immense acting talents which are pleasantly sensible (both are from theatrical backgrounds). Music is from Bharath B J (rookie again), the film includes 6 soundtracks and the album; 9 some of which contains beautifully-penned lyrics that never fails to impress. Most of the soundtracks begin with an introductory note enclosing immaculate poetic words which add that extra zeal to it.


Baanali Badalago, Baanali Badalago (Remix) of Sonu Nigam, Lyrics: Siddu Kodipura
Love song in kannada cinema, get Nigam! This is the mantra for most of the music directors in Kannada industry and honestly now its feels very monotonous but As always, nigam gives his best and The remix is decent, though, it sounds like a mixture of Robert miles-Dj Tiesto.

Karagida Baaninalli of Sowmya Rao ,  Lyrics: Prakash Sinivas
It really took me a while to comprehend the meaning of : ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಉಪಶಮನದ ಮಜಲಿದು…  and then it really struck me in a bad way and at the same time it provided a perspective of verboseness on kannada language.It’s appalling!!
Karagida Baaninalli can be considered as female version of Baanali Badalago, and I state that it is the best song of the album. Sowmya Rao effevervesent vocals and Prakash Sinivas’s excellent lyrics creates a portal which effectively connects, reflects Khushi’s(Swetha Srivatsa) exemplary solicitous emotions.     

Belligge Gymmu of Bharath B J , Lyrics: Suni
Kanglish lyrical work which sheds light on archetypical college dude’s existence before seeking vote of approval … Very.. Very mediocre…

Sereyadanthe Sarasari , Sereyadanthe Sarasari (Instrumental) of Bharath B J, Lyrics: Suni
Bharath B J ; his first movie as music director and lends his voice to three soundtracks in the album! For the fact that movie titles ends with story , -RI , many of the soundtracks are filled with words which supply the same rhythm and consequently one gets worn-out after repeated listening.

Smile Iruvanthe Sarasari : Priyanka , Lyrics: Suni
Another track which brief blurbs on the effects of being in love, it’s a female version of Sereyadanthe Sarasari which surprisingly includes English prefixes.

Nanna Preethi Kusuri : Vijay Prakash , Lyrics: Suni
ಕಟ್ಟಲೇಬೇಕಿದೆ ಗೋರಿ , ಆ ಗೊರಿಗೂ ಒಂದು ಹೆಸರಿಡುವೆ – ಸಿಂಪಲ್ಲಾಗ್ ಒಂದ್ ಲವ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ.. ಸಿಂಪಲ್ಲಾಗ್ ಒಂದ್ ಲವ್ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ.. Waaaaaa! Why so serious! Why glorify ಕಣ್ಣಿರಿನ ಸಂಭಾವನೆ  ?! Nevertheless, Vijay Prakash’s fabulous vocals tow melancholy and integrates it with Rock music!

Hale Gujuri Hosa Battery: Bharath B J, Lyrics: Suni
WTF!! Life ಇದು ಪ್ರೀತಿ strawberry, ಕಾರಣ  ಹೃದಯ robbery…. Where do you get such words!! It really pisses me off when one just pens song for the sake of just providing a new outlook and embrace it in the movie to increase the run-time…..And…… wretched singing from Bharath esp when he pronounces straw-berry, batterrrry,  robberrrry , factorrry, bakeeerry… it just feels pathetic!! It’s Just like… Anu malik’s  – dekho baarish ho rahi, Gurukrian’s – kolle nannanne :D :D

All in All soundtracks of Simple aagond Love Story are simple enough to leave mark on Radio charts and it will be widely acknowledged and appreciated.

My Picks: Karagida Baaninalli, Baanali Badalago, Nanna Preethi Kusuri


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