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Daniel Day Lewis, Christoph Waltz won their third (best actor) and second (best supporting actor) Oscars respectively and Mr.Lewis became the first actor to win three best-actor Academy Awards. Lewis’s, Waltz’s performance for Lincoln and Django Unchained were of the highest order and its no surprise they won gold! Their respective characters Lincoln, Dr. King Schultz has so much depth and contour and it is really hard to comprehend the kind of authenticity that they illustrate, it is something which is ornamented with simplicity and perhaps this statement faultlessly explains the same

The clearest of images of the great artists and their words are never clear to the end, rather as the limpid sky over our heads, when we gaze into it, turns out to be not pale blue at all, but a darker shade, deeper, fathomless. And so the works of great genius, for all their crystalline clarity, will sometimes make us gaze apprehensively into their depths, and define the clarity as the clarity of the deep…and that is all; what lies at the bottom of those depths eludes us.”

daniel day lewis1

Being very ruthless, the common denominator is the technique, the meticulous approach (esp Lewis) that they adopt in order to inhabit a character. For Eg: Michael Mann referring to Lewis (Director: Last of the Mohicans) said in his introduction, “His work is so extraordinary he inhabits a character’s body and soul, in dimensions of authenticity like we’ve never experienced.” And Quentin Tarantino referring to Waltz “Hans Landa is one of the greatest characters I have ever written, and one of the greatest characters that I will ever write and thank you Christoph you gave me my movie.” And with their exemplifying stellar performances they’ve won the hearts of many, the greatest example is that, Tarantino wrote the part of Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained specifically for Christoph Waltz. Steven Spielberg was so thrilled when Daniel signed up to play the role for Lincoln.

Christoph in an interview, shares his experience: “I sat at his kitchen table — literally at his kitchen table — with pages in front of me that were still warm from the printer. It sounds like a figure of speech, but they were literally still warm from the printer, and I read it in portions because, you know, I didn’t sit there all the time and hear the typewriter click away in the room next door, but in like two, three weeks he invited me up to his house again and put another … warm stack of paper in front of me and then eyed me and watched me reading and sort of reading my face and my reactions to it, so … yes, I’m proud to say — and I hope it’s not being presumptuous — he did write it for me.” :)

In view of above experience, Daniel’s Oscar acceptance speech was one of the best and expressed his profound gratitude to “mysteriously beautiful mind, body, and spirit of Abraham Lincoln.”

The Best of Daniel Day-Lewis, Christop Waltz Movies and their respective movie quotes

daniel day lewis2

4. Bill the Butcher – The Gangs of New York
Everything you see belongs to me, to one degree or another. The beggars and newsboys and quick thieves here in Paradise, the sailor dives and gin mills and blind tigers on the waterfront, the anglers and amusers, the she-hes and the Chinks. Everybody owes, everybody pays. Because that’s how you stand up against the rising of the tide.

3. Christy Brown – My left foot
All is nothing, therefore nothing must end.

2. Abraham Lincoln – Lincoln
For whatever reason, and I can’t explain why – that moment at which one is drawn into the orbit, irrevocably, of a life. I felt the tug of that orbit. I didn’t know why; I was quite alarmed by it…

 1. Daniel Plainview – There will be Blood.
I look at people sometimes and I see nothing to like… I hate most people.

christoph waltz

2. Dr. King Schultz – Django Unchained

  • Normally, Monsieur Candie, I would say “Auf wiedersehen.” But since what “auf wiedersehen” actually means is “’till I see you again”, and since I never wish to see you again, to you sir, I say, goodbye.
  • I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.

1. Col .Hans Landa – Inglorious Basterds

  • I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, but rumors, true or false, are often revealing.
  • Au revoir Shoshanna!

From Landa’s disdain for the inferior intellect to Butcher’s ruthlessness, from the demonic Plainview to the fearless, unflinching spirit of Lincoln, from Christy Brown’s vulnerability to King Schultz’s great empathy, and quite honestly haven’t seen any other actors who can perfectly embody these great, horrifying personalities.


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