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In the Mood for love is so exquisite that I just can’t get it out of head, there’s so much of beauty which is so simply stated, and sure is the most elegant romantic movies that I’ve ever seen. Not to forget, the movie which made smoking look so sexy!

Criterion had come up with the three reasons to watch this masterpiece and they were,

  1. Mr Chow and Mrs Chan
  2. Moving Still Images
  3. The thrill of the chaste

Surprisingly i’d pick, the thrill of the chaste, as in the platonic filtration tagged with silence, because it is so damn hard to not be verbal and articulate with emotions, which I again surprisingly find it to be so sensible!!

itmfl_0844 (2)

This was my third viewing and in the end was kicking myself for watching it because “Many little things, seemingly forgotten, occasionally jumped out of my memory. They were like meteors in the summer, dying out instantaneously”.


Three Reasons: In the Mood for Love

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