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Cocktail – C loves B, B loves A, Finally: A, B, C make an item number.   1 comment

Homi Adajania (Director): It was always called Cocktail ever since Imtiaz wrote the story. It’s not got anything to do with the booze angle. The name represents the concept of a mix. For me the title Cocktail signifies the mix of ingredients that friends and lovers use the complete each other’s incompleteness.

≥≥: Complete each other’s incompleteness! :D :D Ghanta sala… Chalo, lets at-least get the booze angle of deepika who is ooooooooooOOOOOOOOO! Sultry Hot in Red Bikini ;)
≤≤: Diana Penty is gorgeously cute! Ah only if Penty belonged to faction of the uber-cool extravagant: ‘Penthouse’ :) :)
≥≥: Please God, make our wishes come true. I will not download the mag from piratebay. I swear that I will pay money for it. Please…
≤≤: Btw, Pritam’s music is just fine, but this time I really dunno… where he’s ripped it from. :P
≥≥: ok, let’s check out Cock-tail.
≤≤: Phew! Housefull!?! Look… Eros again!!! And Illuminati films with a Lion logo?! Why lion ?!
≥≥: whoa! Penty a.k.a Meera is equipped with Marriage certificate in London’s heathrow!! Watta opening! (It’s symbolic meaning only to be explained later.)
≤≤:  whenever I recognize Agent Vinod (Gautam), he always reminds me of that Petrol bunk guy (courtesy: Facebook) :P Btw, cheap, sleazy, dim-witted dialogues to make a good impression on pious Meera.
≥≥: Kunal (Randeep Hooda), Meera’s husband refuses to take her home! Although meera’s Soni Kudi.. Namkeen Badi ?!?
≤≤: “Kudi kanwaari ho gayi jhalli .. Nachi jaandi kalli kalli…”phew! Miss Padukone’s insanely hot!! And I want to pee……
≥≥: So, Meera meets Veronica – ‘the rich bitch’, waaw DP+DP,  Chak de phatte, nap de killi.. :)
≤≤: After Booze, drink milk!!  DP1 warning DP2.. “Saanp ko doodh pila rahe ho beta” :P
≥≥: Yet again, Agent Vinod presses on with another hee-haw pickup line “I was just thinking ke aap believe karte hain love at first site main…yaan main dobara ghoom ke aayun” this time its targeted to his cute female manager!! Yappah!
≤≤: The DP gang bumps into Agent Vinod in a restaurant (Obvious) and DP1 shouts “I’m carrying his bun in my oven”!!?!?!
≥≥: Time for a break: Yo! Party sharty song, DP1 and Agent Vinod practicing smooth-as-silk, cock-tail arts : Coochi-Coochi-Coo.
≤≤: Agent Vinod (munching popcorn) to pious Meera “I’m oozing charm”,  “you’re lonely-I’m characterless” :P: D Grosssssss!!
≥≥: Agent Vinod’s Nickname is “Gutlu”his uncle’s (Boman Irani) name is “Tinku” :D (Courtesy: Dimple Kapadia)
≤≤: “Tinku, bulb change kar doTinku, eh karo..woh karo..” Absolutely Hilarious! :D :D
≥≥: Time for a break: to celebrate “awesome threesomeness” song: Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi.. Jaise daaru desi..
≤≤: DP1 to DP2 “Tumne is makaan ko ghar banaya hai”… Ayyooooooo… Aiooooo…
≥≥: Blimey! DP2 secures a graphic design job without any proven-talent!?!?!?!
≤≤: Agent Vinod providing entertainment to DP’s via sheila ki jawani!! Really good thinking HA, he fits quite superbly in the approved manner.
≥≥: Incidentally, DK arrives at the scene and is in awe over Agent Vinod’s oozzing Transsexualism.
≤≤: DK scorns at DP1 but likes DP2 and is under an impression that A.Vinod is in relationship with DP2! Who wrote the bloody script!!! Imitaz Ali+Sajid Ali!! Perhaps he is still depressed over the recent kaput of Rockstar.
≥≥: Duh! They set off on a holiday! Over to Capetown.

≤≤: The mundane goofing around, partying exemplified…
≥≥: DK’s Menopause line… Brilliant Acting!
≤≤: Agent Vinod again bores with Shameless Pickup Lines “Postcard shot hain tumhari aankhein” , “Aur tumhari smile, haaye, social service hain tumhari smile” and this one’s a roflol : “itne saare kapre pehnti ho, lekin sochne wala sochega, ke woh kya hain, jo tum chupa rahi ho” hahahahahaaahaaa :D
≥≥: Time for a break again: tumhi ho bandhu.. Blah Blah Blah..
≤≤: DK’s is now fond of DP1: Tu ladki acchi hai..bas dhang ke kapde pehna kar!! Typical!!
≥≥: A.Vinod falls in love with DP2; DP1 now wants to get married to A.Vinod!! – Silly.. Sillier.. Silliest..
≤≤: A.Vinod must be in fact a happy man, 2 DP’s now want to have an awesome threesome but NO!! He foolishly decides to stick with DP2!!
≥≥: DP1 suggests DP2: “He’s great in bed”, “Lets Share him” (A really wise choice) but after few shots gets all too possessive and thups at DP2.
≤≤:  Ultra sensitive DP2 disappears and rejoins with Kunal (Ah! The heart-wrenching sacrifice!!!!!!)
≥≥:  DP1 gets all lovey-dovey and prepares mutton biryani for A.Vinod!! :D :D
≤≤: However, A.Vinod still pursues DP2, therefore DP1 is all Oh dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkun, gutkun.. Breaks glasses, drinks heavily and consequently: a speeding gaddi usko tokoh diya!!
≥≥: Tattered, Battered in perennial love for DP1 and DP2, A.Vinod takes refuge on a bench!! :D :D
≤≤: Meanwhile Kunal and DP2 celebrate Indian win over England (Cricket) !!! Ah unbearable foolishness!!
≥≥: DP1 recovers from the fatal accident and sensually advocates A.Vinod to go after DP2!! Whoa… none can do better than Ms.Red!!
≤≤: To know whereabouts of DP2, A.Vinod fights with Kunal!! There had to be at-least one fight scene in the movie… It’s his own production for god’s sake!! :D
≥≥: Kunal reveals DP2’s yearning: “Yeh breakfast aur yeh coffee main sirf Gautam ke saath kar sakti hoon aur yeh kabhi kissi ko pata nahin chalna chahiye!” Yappaahhhhh… Sati Savitri, Please forgive me!!!
≤≤: Final Scene: DP1 and A.Vinod chase DP2 to Delhi and they all execute an item number – Second hand jawani. Yayyyyy!!!!

With a glitzy budget encompassing some of the finest technical talents (Sreekar Prasad, Anil Mehta) Cocktail does not even attempt to distribute any kind of nasha. Accompanied by lack of common sense, the movie exhausts you with the tried and tested clichés that are appallingly horrendous. I would have been more than happy if Ambassador Cars were intentionally made to run over on ‘Awesome Threesome’ (Final Scene: Delhi) for providing loathsome entertainment.


Be! and it is…..   Leave a comment

Rockstar is a Hindi movie directed by Imtiaz Ali of Jab we Met, Love aaj Kal fame that stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in leading roles. Music is from AR Rahman, Lyrics are written by Irshad Kamil, Mohit Chauhan. Janardhan Jakhar – Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) is the protagonist of the movie and according to Imtiaz Ali, Jordan “is an inarticulate, struggling-musician, he can express himself only through music, how his music is influenced by not only his situation but also by the music of the place he visits.” and as a result the movie’s name “Rockstar”. When does this struggling musician come of his age and make better music?? It is only when he experiences the seizures; suffering of being in love, only then he’ll be a true Rockstar! Hmm.. Interesting..  So, When it comes to the kind of Rockstar-aura that Joradan is supposed to broadcast, it is in the expressions of “How Robert Plant or Jim Morrison behaved on stage” and to be appropriate that of Jordan, Imitiaz ali further explains “Instead of emulating what they did, we looked for why they did it, we unraveled the reasons. We then applied those reasons to a guy who lives in Pitampura, Delhi.”

Rockstar has 14 Tracks!!! 11 Regular, 3 Instrumentals and 9 out 11 regular tracks has Mohit Chauhan’s voice, this is because he is the voice for Ranbir and the reason why he was picked is “Mohit’s voice has innocence and character. Until now, he had one particular style. But in this, he was stretched and pushed to all kinds of zones. We both worked very hard on it. Some songs took four days to record, some even seven. But when you hear it, you will feel how effortless it is.” says Rahman. Mr Chauhan, at times sounds very monotonous, emulating his efforts from his first Solo album ‘Fitoor’. However, i really feel KK would’ve done much better than Mohit and I am disenchanted that Rahman has not included Shreya Ghoshal in this musical marathon.

A Brief Review

“Phir Se Ud Chala” of Mohit Chauhan
More like.. oh! M like a bird, where the character expresses his state of being in ecstasy, freedom in expressions that are second to none.

“Jo Bhi Main” of Mohit Chauhan
Right after the preoccupied “Phir Se Ud Chala” it’s the more realistic “Jo bhi main, kehna chahoon… Barbaad karein, alfaz mere.. ” wonderful track with delicate guitar work and mohit brings in lotta variations , a gem of a track.

“Katiya Karun” of Harshdeep Kaur, Sapna Awasthi
Groovy Punjabi track describing Heer’s (Nargis Fakhri) thoughts, feelings towards Jordan. Absolutely loved the promo in which Heer persuades Janardhan to go to an adult movie ‘Junglee Jawaani’ :D

“Kun Faya Kun”of A. R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan
When it comes to making music for the supernatural being, Rahman gives its all, he pours his soul into it and constructs something extraordinary, Kun Faya Kun is such masterpiece which beyond doubt, even if you don’t make an effort, it captures your mind, soul and wraps it up with absolute devotion.

“Sheher Mein” of Mohit Chauhan, Karthik
A Modern Jugalbandi, m really fond of its lyrics.. Train ka bhi.. Lodge ka bhi… Aake zara Bill to tu dede jaana… Classy, sophisticated Jordan’s tone vs contemporary, regular karthik’s voice and this happens during a music audition where the music director lays more emphasis on commercial aspects of it like Aaha ha ha re kya ringtone bani hai….  Wah kya baat hai// Lyrics toh dhoom macha dega UP Bihar mein, …..  rather focusing on it to make it sound better, superior.

“Hawaa Hawaa” of Mohit Chauhan, Viviane Chaix, Tanvi Shah, Suvi Suresh, Shalini
Rahman admits “The gypsy song (Hawa hawa) was the most difficult to compose as it had so many layers, styles and instruments woven in.”, truthfully it does have many layers, but this track does not make an immediate impact, because of diminutive-bizarre lyrics which are situational.

“Aur Ho” of Mohit Chauhan, Alma Ferovic
Unadulterated, precise melancholic track which articulates the repetitive heartburns of Jordan.

“Nadaan Parinde” of A. R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan
The first 15 seconds sounds very much like “Rivers of Babylon!” ;), Nadaan Parinde is again gayan- sharing track, A good piece of music , with some very strong compositional elements.

“Tum Ko” of Kavita Subramaniam
Female version of “Tum Ho” which really do not interest at all!

“Saadda Haq” of Mohit Chauhan feat. Orianthi on Guitars
Philosophical, Hard-hitting track that really inquires on matter of  Right, Wrong, Free-will. Really appreciated the lyrics (epilogue)….

tera dar..
tera pyaar..
teri waah…
tu hi rakh..
rakh sale… \m/

“Tum Ho” of Mohit Chauhan, Suzanne D’Mello
Probably you’ll like this track once you watch the video, has faint traces of Rahman’s previous works, nevertheless, it is a good romantic track with a terrific alaap from Mohit.

“Tango For Taj” (Instrumental), “The Dichotomy of Fame” (Instrumental) feat. Balesh on Shehnai & Kabuli on Guitars, “Meeting Place” (Based on a Poem by Rumi) of Ranbir Kapoor
It is really amazing how Rahman works on unusual sounds, irregular music instruments and his perceptions towards it, unifying them together to fabricate a unique blend of music that is delightfully enchanting. The same is reflected in support of instrumentals for Rockstar.

Rockstar is a fictional character in film and as one can guess from the title, there will be much guitar.” says Rahman .Well; added to the much of guitar stuff I feel he has overused Mohit and his band of synthesizers and yet again you have to listen to the songs over and over to get into the channel in which the maestro operates and as fittingly put by Imtiaz “Rahman may offer you an uncut diamond on a platter. But if you fail to see it, he will not insist you look again”, so until and unless you dwell deep and identify the genuineness of it, Rockstar feels very sour, unassuming.

My Picks: Kun Faya Kun, Jo Bhi Main, Saadda Haq, Tum Ho, Hawaa Hawaa, Sheher Mein


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