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Unforgettable monologues – Stalker – True Devotion!   Leave a comment

Stalker was the movie which literally opened the floodgates onto allegories of the past also facilitated to view the reflections of my own unfathomable depths of being. Also it heightened the innate demand for transparency, clarity. Stalker is perhaps one of the simplest science fiction movie ever made, the goal is to find the answers in a place called “The Zone”, a mysterious place where a person’s deepest wishes will come true.

And moreover I adore the movies which explain themselves, the paradox too; i.e. its ordinal/cipher which encapsulates the film entirety, essence.


One such gem is the below monologue:

“You know, my mother was against it. You’ve probably noticed already that he’s not of this world. All our neighborhood laughed at him. He was such a bungler, he looked so pitiful. My mother used to say: “He’s a stalker, he’s doomed, he’s an eternal prisoner! Don’t you know what kind of children the stalkers have?” And I… I didn’t even argue with her. I knew it all myself, that he was doomed, that he was an eternal prisoner, and about the children. Only what could I do? I was sure, I would be happy with him. Of course, I knew I’d have a lot of sorrow, too. But it’s better to have a bitter happiness than… a gray, dull life. Perhaps, I thought it all up later. But then he approached me and said: “Come with me.” And I did, and never regretted it. Never. We had a lot of sorrow, a lot of fear, and a lot of shame. But I never regretted it, and I never envied anyone. It’s just our fate, our life, that’s how we are. And if we haven’t had our misfortunes, we wouldn’t have been better off. It would have been worse. Because in that case, there wouldn’t have been any happiness. And there wouldn’t have been any hope.”

.. and it was Stalkers wife’s capacity to love, her true devotion that mattered amidst myriad of  hypocritical/tangled impulses of scientist, author.

.. and the best is from Tarkovsky himself  “In the end, everything can be reduced to the one simple element which is all a person can count upon in his existence: the capacity to love.”

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