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Finding Fanny!? WTF! .. I was like finding ……. what? Why would anybody name a movie called Finding fanny!? This was the reaction when i heard that Bollywood’s making a movie named Finding Fanny! A film directed by Homi Adajania of Being Cyrus, Cocktail shame. Well Finding Fanny is not about finding fanny it is about finding ferdie’s lost love Stefanie Fernandes, the fanny who inconsequentially turns to be a cause for a road-trip that which brings five goan dysfunctional characters+ A Dead Narcoleptic pussycat together to find and search the essence, meaning love! As per the tagline – if you’re looking for love.. get lost! FTW!!

The five principle characters are as follows:

Don pedro Celto Colaco (Pankaj Kapur): A fetish Painter, desperate for a muse who believes Round is not a shape, it’s a way of life and will climb the highest peaks for inspiration.

Rosie Eucharistica(Dimple Kapadia) : Considers herself the ‘first lady’ of the village , who believes her scrumptious posterior is as round as golbe.. or rather is the Globe to which don perdo is resolutely convinced that it is indeed his ticket to glory! Plus, she squeezes her feet into tight heels so she can walk the walk.

Ferdie (Naseeruddin Shah): Loner , choirboy singer who States the obvious but never sees the obvious , he Loves Singing and is totally tuneless.

Savio Da Gama (Arjun Kapoor): Bombay-returned-confused-goan Broke and Embittered mechanic, he Just can’t say what’s in his heart.

And Last is the those endless legs and oozing hotness of Deepika padukone ❤ ❤ ❤I.e Angie – who is surprisingly smiley for a virgin widow, and who has child-like curiosity about everything around her.


Footnote: Finding fanny is bullshit!! Just like the kids who flipped their middle finger at Savio, I too want to do the same to Homi Adajania, It does not even stay true to what it proclaims, never makes an attempt to state the obvious meaning. Nevertheless, the cinematography and background score is top notch!

.. and Just like its spoof , finding fanny is just about goa and deepika, because it has goa that you have never seen before and it has deepikas eternal hotness and her bare-back!

.. and as a final point, Deepikas effervescent, captivating remark to Savio: “You know sometimes, sometimes savio… you need to make an effort to find love”, is the one and only truth!!



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