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Rani: Haye meri first night, Parso hogi na…  shaayad Bahaut dar lag raha hai. Hey Vaishno Devi, agar sab kuchh achche se ho gaya na, to main Vijay ke saath aapke darshan karne aaungi. ;)

There are very few movies in bollywood that has made me smile all through its run time, the latest addition is Vikas Bahl’s Queen, it isn’t eye-opener sorts or ground-breaking, However it has mithaiwala ingredients which consistently entertain and also encourages audience to actively support in Rani’s coming of age.

In a nutshell, Queen is a movie which focuses on a conservative Punjabi girl who due to unfortunate turn of events, sets out on a solo honeymoon. As a result she discovers her persona, liberating herself from preconceived elicited notions. The movie tiptoes solidly on a well written screenplay, characters. Eg: Rani’s granny, – Cocktail rehearsals and the way she expresses her compassion referring to her ex-paki-boyfriend Faisal – as good as it can get! ;) Ms Ranaut in an interview described that she had to prepare herself for role “Queen is different from me. She has no confidence, no self-respect; she can’t stand for herself. She is scared to make a mistake and even asks questions timidly. I had to work hard to get her body language right.” She pulls it off which such panache that clichés of second half (Amsterdam Blah blah) hardly matter.


Though the movie was entertaining, I pondered over the questions like: why does one have to draw an inspiration from west to connect themselves, attain sexual maturity or develop clarity? Why didn’t Mr. Bahl ponder on such issues with the help of local nuances? Why Amsterdam or Paris? Why not Manali or Leh? Well it was just a passing thought during the movie’s runtime and it completely drained away when climax arrived: before heading home from Airport, Rani expresses her willingness to meet Vijay, she s now brimming with confidence and without saying much, she returns her engagement ring and unreservedly thanks him for rejecting her :) and credits starts to roll… Dekho na logo ne , Botalon ki botalein khatam kar di to kuchh na hua, …. Magar … magar… Maine hothon se lagaayi to…… Hungama ho gaya!!! I smiled incessantly and came out of the moviehall, humming “Hungaaama.. Hungama Ho gayaaaa!!” :D oh! It just perfectly blended with Rani’s naivety..

Only after watching the movie, I took great interest of film’s soundtrack which is simply brilliant, every song is composed as per its requirements and lyrics from Anvita Dutt is just phenomenal, esp Harjaiyaan and London Thumakda. And everytime i listen to it,  the movie grows on me, it evokes stark realities of Rani’s metamorphosis and for that i really have to thank Ms.Ranaut for accurately portraying roller-coaster of emotions, advertently leading to one of the best performance of her career.



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