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The oh-so-talented-brilliant-gifted next gen sandalwood directors these days! They watch all the cult movies of Kurosawa, Guy Ritchie, Nolan, Frank Miller, Scorsese, Tarantino, and develop scripts like ‘Ulidavaru Kandante’ and say they eat-breathe-live cinema! Friggin’ pseudo ectoplasmic Nincompoops!!! If every friggin’ shot or character is inspired by some movie, how will you determine the ‘naturalness’ of the product?


Incorporated with all the borrowed inspiration, Rakshit shetty makes a friggin’ short film material into a debut movie. There’s nothing which keeps audience engaged, Sync Sound, Climax hugely disappoints, and above all shetty’s apparent hedonistic obsession with Cuban kid’s confusion is so pathetic, plastic.

Damn you RK for spoiling Ugaadi!


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  1. I can’t help laughing at how wonderfully you have critiqued the movie :D

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