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“Abhi… Abhishek Bharadwaj!! ದೊಡ್ಡ… ಕವಿ Greattttt poet!! But an insipid, witless, listless, moronic, impervious inanimate bag of skin and bones!!”

Veena (Suhasini Manirathnam) is complaining about her husband’s Hemant (Sharath Babu) somber stance on Abhishek’s (Hemant’s friend ; Ramesh Arvind) etiquettes, Hemant irrevocably refutes her testimonial clarifying that Abhishek is just going through a bad phase and needs assistance but she does not know that her efforts in providing guidance to Abhishek’s pursuit of emotional freedom, will orchestrate her own downfall.


Amruthavarshini is one of the very few movies in Kannada that has everything in its right place! With a very strong screenplay, elegant direction, and monumental performances from its star-cast, the movie takes audience on emotional ride and conceivably, it can be considered as a story of revenge that conjures up emotions which inordinately linger long bearing profound implications.

The initial few moments of the film describes the story of the married couple Hemant and Veena, who are so much illuminated with magnificence that they are perfect for each other! Veena is a bundle of joy, with radiant passion she ignites and fuels exuberance in Hemant’s psyche and in turn Hemant provides emotional sustenance; perhaps the only thing that veena desires. They form a full circle of togetherness, as they are complete themselves.

Well, as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, Trouble begins when love torn Abhishek visits them, accompanied by hopelessness he wanders aimlessly in a zone of oblivion, which effects the bubble of Veena, for that reason she enthusiastically involves herself in a therapeutic endeavor. During the process, Abhishek instantly falls in love with her and composes a fitting dedication to the mysteriously beautiful spirit of – Veena.

ಈ ಸುಂದರ ಬೆಳದಿಂಗಳ ಈ ತಂಪಿನ ಅಂಗಳದಲಿ, ನನ್ನ ನಿನ್ನ ನಡುವಿನಲಿ..
ಈ ಸುಂದರ ಬೆಳದಿಂಗಳ ಈ ತಂಪಿನ ಅಂಗಳದಲಿ, ಹೃದಯದ ತಾಳದಲಿ..
ಮೌನವೇ ರಾಗವು… ಉಸಿರೇ ಭಾವವು, ನಿನ್ನ ಈ ನಗೆಯ ಸವಿ ಶೃತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ.. ಓಹೋ..


Somehow, Hemant becomes aware of Abhishek’s inordinate personal appeal towards Veena, and by allegorically referring to Mahabharata’s Karna and Dhuryodhana’s friendship, questions his intentions towards her. Appalled by humiliation, Abhishek commits murder, invokes his dormant, arousing desire and retains his stronghold over Veena.

Meanwhile, Veena discovers (via lost camera) that Abhishek is the murderer; she then eccentrically declares that she will marry Abhishek and through a terrific monologue at the same place where her husband died, commits suicide leaving behind only wretchedness for Abhishek.

Structurally the movie is rich and complex. The main protagonists are viewed through a series of differential mirrors, say Veena and Hemant , from uninhibited, unrestrained happiness to anesthetizing pain, Abhishek, from his relentless depression to exhibiting traces of Sadomasochism. Abhishek’s character can be very much compared to Patricia Highsmith’s widely celebrated ‘Tom Ripley’ , enacted by brilliant Alain Delon , Matt Damon in Purple Noon, The Talented Mr. Ripley, respectively.  Perhaps this transition was the most difficult of all and Ramesh Arvind has handled it brilliantly, which indeed causes a certain amount of distortion in the minds of the audience.

Ee Sundara Beladingala – Amruthavarshini


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