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The best road trips I have ever been into were the ones that were spontaneous, unplanned. That’s because it was so full of surprises! When you plunge yourself into randomness, when you get lost in the immensity of abstractness and paradoxically connect the dots, it is the most wonderful feeling that can be experienced and it just felt more or less the same when I accidentally watched the movies Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and Pizza.


I rarely follow Tamil cinema because of my reduced understanding of the language, However, I must acknowledge that Tamil directors are one of the most deep-rooted (Quoting: Mr. Kashyap), their standard deviation from the mainstream commercial Indian cinema is too far-fetched. Adhering to absolute reality, the elements that they incorporate in the film are almost devoid of pop culture influences (Although, Pizza has subtle, indirect references to music but it perfectly integrates with the scenario, awakening the senses).

Deviant from all the tried and tested clichés, NKPK and Pizza banks on solid screenplay and chiefly on its cheeky, exuberant, irreverent characters who instantly connect with the viewers. There’s no superhero, macho status associated to them, they do not scream at top of their lungs nor fight thousand men, they do not emulate chauvinism or attempt to be different and certainly, they do not prove anything. Eg. Michael Karthikeyan (Hero) is portrayed as a pizza delivery boy in Pizza and in NKPK the four principal characters – Prem, Bagavathi, Balaji and Saras are portrayed as school buddies who, collectively decide to play cricket on the eve of Prem’s marriage! :) (It reminded me of my Engg days where we (room-mates) used watch movies in theaters, usually on the day before the exam.)

Of all the horror movies that I have watched recently (Cabin in the woods, Thirst, Suicide Club, Confessions, Onibaba ) I classify Pizza as the scariest of all, it is unpredictable, keeps you hooked and guessing. Accompanied by prevailing eerie background score, it was relatively easy for me to understand the dialogues, where as for NKPK I just skimmed over the surface. Climax of NKPK was a bit of a surprise. It does pay a fitting tribute to the thing called ‘life’. Nevertheless, it can be argued that the movie’s run-time is too long.


A very big applause for its directors – Karthik Subbaraj (Pizza ) Balaji Tharaneetharan (NKPK ) and for their imagination in today’s film making. (Incidentally, they also wrote screenplay for their films). Although, the movies are in contrast with each other, there’s charm in it that is unbridled. Pizza’s is sharper, trendier than NKPK but NKPK offers qualitative perspective of life over Medulla oblongata and common denominator between the two movies is the absence of preconceived notions of flamboyant apparition . As a result, the cinema purely fulfills its sole function to entertain.



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