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“Materialism coarsens and petrifies everything, making everything vulgar, and every truth false.”

Addhuri a kannada romantic movie pays wonderful tribute to the above statement. By hopelessly, shamelessly fabricating facts, it pursues in an unworthy Endeavour of presenting collection of ideas ripped off from other movies which are again so despicably, atrociously reconstructed that it desperately tries too hard to be ‘cool’.

Poorna – Racchu (Radhika Pandit) and Arjun – Acchu (Dhruva Sarja) are the main protagonists. On a fine morning, Racchu is in a temple where she is making an attempt to ring the bells to seek divine intervention. Beautifully adorned with flowers the bells are stationed outside i.e in pradakshinapatha!! :P :D She makes one attempt after another but doesn’t hit the bell!! Coincidentally Acchu arrives (duh! Obviously) and instantaneously offers help, fascinated and absorbed by her cavernous enigmatic physical beauty, Acchu falls in love with Racchu and expresses his love interest (duh! Obviously). However, for Racchu; Nakhras is her cup of tea (duh! Obviously) and after the initial na-na-no-no Racchu finally accepts the offer and Racchu and Acchu are lovers, yay!!! (duh! Obviously).

They continue to show deep love for each other on every modes of transport, in college library, in temples and churches, in bus-stops and hostels, in stations and hotels, in heritage places and highways, on flyovers and underpasses. Racchu is a typical modern-urbane babe, with supreme panache and with typical black nailpolishes she loves showing off pharaohs on her bosom and adores grunge clothing (duh! Obviously). Acchu is not behind, he is a typical hunk, who owns a Royal Enfield and sports small badges/key chains of Barcelona FC and Bayern Munich :D :P and just like any other macho-hero, he rescues damsels in distress, beats up gangs of sissy villains (duh! Obviously).

After 12 months of courtship, Racchu asks Acchu to marry her (due to parental pressure) to which Acchu reluctantly agrees. However, on the wedding day, he does not turn up at the registrar office!! Soaring with heightened anger, trauma and without knowing good reason for his not turning up, Racchu decides to dump him and chooses to obey orders of her father, i.e to marry a guy of his choice Taurn ( Tarun Chandra), a techie. (duh! Obviously). Also, Acchu does not explain his absence nor offers a fitting explanation to Racchu because he inadvertently assists Racchu’s friend to get her abortion done and has chosen not to reveal the secret to anyone. (Insanely ridiculous!!!).

Racchu expresses her desire to go back to Delhi and somehow Acchu succeeds in delaying her travel by a week and challenges her to spend the rest 7 days with him, after some nakhars she finally obliges (duh! Obviously). Over the course of a week, Racchu introduces Tarun to Acchu and Acchu obliquely enlightens Tarun about their love story. (duh! Obviously) and on Final Day Racchu is informed that Acchu is one in a million type-  kind, noble, sincere, generous, perceptive, righteous, compassionate, brave, honest, tolerant, earnest, sensitive, tender, loving, outgoing, wonderful gentleman (duhhhhhhhh! Obviously), and her heart suddenly overflows with deep love and devotion. (Ah! So endearing), he also suffers from the same heartache and with a teary proposal in a cemetery, he wins her love again and they lived happily ever after. (phew.. a final: duh! Obviously)

With a non-linear storyline, Addhuri is just a time-pass movie; A. P. Arjun’s direction is very mediocre and thank heavens that this time the hero does not take heroine to taj-mahal in a cycle (Ambaari) !!! In Addhuri, Acchu is luxuriously equipped with Royal Enfield. Action Stunts are decent however it is frustrating to hear Acchu yelling at top of his voice, he sounds like he is being castrated and one can easily smell his body odour(acid-like) on the screen which is disgusting. The glamor quotient is very high, however close-ups of Racchu are of poor quality because it only reveals tons of makeup and also you can count the number of pimples!! And both do not know how to act!! Acchu attempts to sound like Ganesh but stutters with long pauses, Actually it is Tarun Chanrda who delivers a better performance than Ms Pandit, Dhruva. Songs are decent (lyrics: Yograj Bhatt, Music: Harikrishna) but choreography is pathetic.

Perhaps the only good thing about the movie is the adoption of Bleach bypass technique to provide Aesthetic sense to most of the scenes. All the images appear very natural and in very nice contrasting colors.  This is the first time in India that an entire movie has been produced using this technique.

Addhuri is a kind of movie which appropriately points out how materialism deconstructs love; it truthfully explains that one needs to supply gifts to another to express love, that the love can be transferred to one form to the another (fish in this case), also it provides you with useful information like: How to get a girl to like you by lighting 100 candles in church and how to piss her off by introducing to your young friends.

Addhuri juxtaposes the new trend of being cool which is certainly dangerous, and this trend can be attributed to influence of the west, the constant hunger to be different, to be smart, and to get noticed. The movie only superficially skims the surface, never delving into the depths, ironically the movie is not what Mr. Sarja declares “ಬಾಗಲಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಂತ್ಕೊಂಡು ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಮಾಡಿದರೆ ಗೊತ್ತಾಗಲ್ಲ… ಒಳಗೆ ಇಳಿಬೇಕು… “



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