Predictions: Best Animated Shorts, Best Animated Feature Film (2012 Oscars)   Leave a comment

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year:
A Cat in Paris
Chico & Rita
Kung Fu Panda 2
Puss in Boots

I am flabbergasted that Pixar’s Cars 2 is not nominated for this season’s Oscars. Animated movies with less competence such as A Cat in Paris, Chico & Rita have been nominated, its not that they are dreadful or terrible, they are extraordinary in their own visual style and narration. However, i  must say that they do not have that quality that pixar offers. Probably, being a big fan of Pixar there is a little prejudice over the comment; nevertheless, 2011-2012 animated feature film nominees have not made any greater impact on the global audience.

A Cat in Paris is a very simple French animated movie about a cat and how it helps its possessors, admirers to nab notorious gangster. Chico & Rita is a Cuban sensual-musical-romance with a true Jazz panache. It is painstakingly made, the method used is very different, ToonBooms : Automation of traced live action on paper. So, that’s the two foreign film nominees in this category.

At least this time, Dreamworks animation has a greater chance of winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots are its two nominees; both are very much entertaining and reflect the greater efforts of computer power, very detailed, complex movements of its characters. The same is for Verbinski’s dull, morose Rango.

Best Short Film, Animated:
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
La Luna
A Morning Stroll
Wild Life

I really like this category for the fact that is very different, unique when compared to its larger compatriots and a lot of ideas are expressed in a matter of few minutes.

Dimanche is a delightful story that communicates the important lessons about life as seen through the eyes of a child. Inspired, by Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, The Wizard of Oz, and a love for books, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is an artistic story about therapeutic power of books. Finally a pixar nominee: La Luna is A fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Inspired by a short story titled “The Chicken.”, A Morning Stroll is a 9-minute film takes place in the years 1959, 2009 and 2059 and wraps itself around a variation of the whole “chicken crossing the road”.

Finally, My personal favorite Wild Life, directed by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, of “When the Day Breaks” , “Strings” fame. Wild Life tells the story of a well-groomed juvenile who is sent to Canada from England to attempt ranching in 1909 and his life is metaphorically compared to a comet!

A Comet is a mixture of ice and dust that, for some reason, has failed to become part of a planet. (Explains the unique lifestyle, that of an Englishmen)
Comets have highly eccentric orbits, which swing them close to the sun, then deep into space – far beyond Pluto (Explains typical Eccentricity of Englishmen: Their affection for badminton, cricket, bird watching and liquor)
As a Comet draws closer to the sun it begins to melt, leaving a plume of debris in its wake. +
They were once believed to be bad omens. It is now understood that a Comet is a rare but harmless spectacle. (the pangs of homesickness and the folly of living dangerously out of context)

Beautiful work! The Essence, beauty persists in the allegorical truth of a comet!



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