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We are in here not to correct the deformation but to accustom ourselves to it, that one of our problems was our inability to recognize and accept our own deformities. Just as each person has certain idiosyncrasies in the way he or she walks, people have idiosyncrasies in the way they think and feel and see things – Naoko – Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood (movie) is a feeble attempt to create and portray the complex, utterly beautiful Murakami’s celebrated work of the same name, perhaps anyone will find it difficult to adapt any of his works into a movie. Devoid of strong emotions, the movie is really very short. However, the book is filled with euphemisms, its all over the place, the deeper you go into the labyrinth of emotions, the deeper it will to transport you into a unfathomable state of nostalgic longing, a longing for peace, love.

And the above quote on idiosyncrasies is more elaborately explained in the below passage by Midori, one of the principal characters of Murakami’s cult classic “Norwegian Wood”. This passage from the book totally made me fall in love with the Murakami’s fictional Midori’s persona.

“I’m looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortbread. And you stop everything you’re doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortbread out to me. And I say I don’t want it any more and throw it out of the window. That’s what I ‘m looking for.”

 “I’m not sure that has anything to do with love,” I said with some amazement.

 “It does,” she said. “You just don’t know it. There are times in a girl’s life when things like that are incredibly important.”

 “Things like throwing strawberry shortbread out of the window?”

 “Exactly. And when I do it, I want the man to apologize to me. “Now I see, Midori. What a fool I’ve been! I should have known that you would lose your desire for strawberry shortbread. I have all the intelligence and sensitivity of a piece of donkey shit. To make it up to you, I’ll go out and buy you something else. What would you like? Chocolate mousse? Cheesecake?”‘

 “So then what?”

 “So then I’d give him all the love he deserves for what he’s done.”

 “Sounds crazy to me.”

 “Well, to me, that’s what love is. Not that anyone can understand me, though.” Midori gave her head a little shake against my shoulder. “For a certain kind of person, love begins from something tiny or silly. From something like that or it doesn’t begin at all.”



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