Creatively Stupid: It is so awful that it is good – Part 2   Leave a comment

6thstation proudly present’s the 2nd edition of “Creative Stupidity: It is so awful that it is good – Part 2”, Only the very best and the finest songs… please remember, these are the absolute, finest, rarest gems that cannot be found anywhere else..

Come drown into the sea of ridiculous madness…

5. Operation Antha – O Pussycat..
This one is a real gem and a classic example for pure garbage…O pussycat.. o mikey mouse.. come on kanwar…. kutte… kanwar lal bolo :D :P

Movie: Operation Antha(1995), Director: Upendra, Starring: Ambarish, Mr Hiraniah, Lankesh

5. Chandi ki cycle.. Sone ki seat
Aww… so cute! love transcends beyond all boundaries (gold/silver)
Bijli naache… badal gaaye… humdono ke geet…. chandi ki cycle.. sone ki seat… aao chalen darling.. chalen double seat.. aww… so endearing!

Movie: Bhabhi (1991) Starring: Govinda, Juhi Chawla, Bhanupriya, Gulshan Grover, Music By Annu Malik, Director: Kishore Vyas, Singers: Nitin Mukesh, Anuradha Paudwal

4. Mysoora Rasagulla :D :P
This one’s really hilarious.. mysore pakhogi.. mysore rasagulla.. yen talent guru! Now, carefully watch the 1st scene.. i.e just when the lyrics kick in.. the background remains the same …swish..zoom-in… zoom-out they abruptly get into another outfit :P  Also, Watch out for Vasu’s (hero..hero..hero..) Pelvic Thrust.. LMAO.. :D

Movie: Dreams (2003), Music: Teja, Starring: Vasu, Ruthika

4. Tu Morni Jungle Ki..
Untold story of why peacock is our national bird? here’s the secret.. :P

Movie: Jaal (1986), Director: Umesh Mehra , Starring: Jeetendra, Mithun Chakraborty. Rekha, Vinod Mehra, Moon Moon Sen, Mandakini, Sharat Saxena, Vinod Mehra, Tanuja, Music: Anu Malik

3. Twinkle Twinkle little star
Oh, Say Did You Know to pronounce twinkle twinkle.. ? there you go.. yet another  gurukiran’s master—piece.. Hey.. hey… hey.. hey… Twinkle Twinkle little star changea agoythu hudgan star.. :D

Movie: Chitte (2001), Singer: Gurukiran, Music: V Manohar, Lyrics: V Manohar Starring: Ananthnag, Aniruddha, Chaya Singh, Dwarakish

3. You are my chicken Fry..
What is the best way to describe LOVE? This is the way to craft flamboyant phrases and avoid clichés :P trust me it’ll definitely work out…

Movie: Rockdancer (1994), Director:  V Menon, Music Bappi Lahiri , Starring :Kamal Sadanah, Ritu Shivpuri, Ronit Roy, Sharon Prabhakar, Shammi Kapoor Singers: Bappi Lahiri , Sweta Shetty  Lyricists: Indeewar

2. Kanyakumaari..
Wow..a priceless lesson of how to play basketball… and dance….and sing….all at the same time!!
Simcard naav-aadre neevu mobileu :P, do contemplate on lyrics its jus terrific.. madam alli adam unto nodu.. female nalli male unto nodu.. :D :P

Movie:Chandu(2002) Starring :Sudeep, Sadhu Kokila, Sonia Agarwal Director: Arun Prasad, Singers: Udit Narayan. Music: Gurukiran Lyrics: V Nagendra

2. Gutar Gutar
Such graceful jhatkas and thumkas.. even madhuri would’ve dreamt such a thing !
Gutar gutar… Are chadh gaya oopar re… Atariya pe sona kabutar re… gutar gutar  :P :D

Dalaal (1993), Director: Partho Ghosh , Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Ayesha JhulkaRavi Behl. Indrani Banerjee, Music: Bappi Lahiri

Par2 Winner: Dam dam diga diga..
Ah! how can I not forget the notorious Gulzar khan and his great unfathomable, infinite artistic vision..

Movie: Thanike (1994), Director, Actor, producer, lyricist, dialogues,Asst Producer, Music composer, Asst director : The great Gulzar Khan

Part 2 Winner: Garam Garam Chai
Tea is also known for its ability to improve brain activities.. and prolly you’ll suffer from insomnia after listening to baba’s pravachan ;) n.. oh btw, did you know that garam garam chai is so garam that it mimics Dry Ice in water!!

Dance Party (1995),  Director: Deepak Balraj Vij, Starring: Satish Shah,  Shakti Kapoor, Akruti, Anand Balraj, Raman Trikha, Raymond Singh, Tiku Talsania, Singer: Baba Shegal


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