Karmaari Duniya of Hand-shake protocols, Rolex watches, Jim Morrison ties and Superfluous Melancholia   Leave a comment

That Girl in Yellow Boots is a bold-realistic-adult-thriller directed by Anurag Kashyap, it is all about Yellow-booted Ruth (Kalki Koechlin) searching for her own identity and also in search of unknown, nowhere to be found father.

From the Director of DEVD comes a shocking story of twisted relationships. Well, it somewhat-twisted, on the other hand the script doesn’t have much credence to make it really twisted and also the performances are defunct to make you completely believe that they are twisted. Chittiappa Sidanna Gowda (Gulshan Devaiya) Maya (Puja Sarup) these two characters really shine and offer some amusement in this dark-toned movie. As always, Anurag’s blessed with a brilliant technical crew, Rajeev Ravi’s camerawork is evocatively vibrant, Editing by Shweta Venkat is really neat and the background score by the music director- Naren Chandavarkar is impressive. The metaphorical ‘Karamari Duniya’ of saint Kabir ; folk genre sung by Sung by Megha Sriram to illustrate Ruth’s Duniya is just awesome.

I would like to only emphasize on the outstanding roles from Chittiappa Sidanna Gowda (Gulshan Devaiya), Maya (Puja Swaroop). Chittiappa is a kannada gangster who makes contact with Ruth via her drug-snort, hippie-junkie boyfriend Prasanth (Prashant Prakash). In a scene, where chittiappa and his co are watching kannada channel which is showing the song Nayaka from the B grade Movie: Love You (Directed by Shivamani, Music: Gurukiran) :P :D , they make references to Jaggesh and Upendra. Yet again the song is so perfectly allegorical to the ambiance inside ruth’s apartment. The song goes like.. Nayaka.. hemmeya Nayaka.. satyakenndednu sadhaka.. Yuvasakthiya chalaka.. din din dish… Nayaka.. nimmaya Nayaka.. :P and with his perfectly broken english chittiappa demands ruth to pay the money that her boyfriend owes. In Dr. Raj Style, Chittiappa delivers the cult classic number from Operation Diamond Racket.. If you come today its too early.. if you come tomorrow… its too late.. you pick the time.. tick tick tick tick… ;) Even Dr. Raj wouldn’t have believed in his wildest dreams that his celebrated, legendary number would be used as a reference in a dark-perverse Kashyap movie. I must say, the subtitles for kannada dialogues were really exaggerated for eg when Chittiappa orders his aide to open the door – aye door tegeyo bega – the subtitle read as ‘Hey open the door, fucker!”, probably this is to highlight chittiappa’s aggressive behavior or is it anurag’s obsessiveness with slangs. Dont try to make us fool Mr. Kashyapand as kalki yells at autodriver…. mujhe chutiya mat bana... :P

Pooja Swaroop, is the receptionist of massage parlor ‘Aspaspa’. She’s always been a phone call away; probably she was born with a mobile phone tightly fastened to her hand. She is brilliantly annoying.. eg of her flirtatious conversation “School mein na Maggi quiz contest mein mujhe Best Memory prize mila thha, kucch bhoolti nahi hoon main” :P ;) and also reference about FLAMES is absolutely hilarious ! :)




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