Unbearable absurdity of prem’s absolute, sparkling lunacy.   2 comments

I terribly miss those days when we (old school mates) used to go to night shows to watch kannada movies, used to hand pick movies esp pathetic ones which neither had story nor any meaning to it. Simply because we found it to be really challenging to sit for 2-3 hours and bear the nonsense and at the same time enjoy it thoroughly. We did found out that the enjoyment, bliss in watching these movies, the cinematic experience, were really profound when compared to Hollywood/Bollywood blockbusters. Probably only a few will understand and appreciate what i am expressing here. Yes, we know that the movie’s filled with nonsense, but why still watch it? It is because of the night-show-crowd, the ambiance inside the theater, cigarette breaks during intervals, ear-deafening applause’s-whistle’s, exotic dancing on a podium, coin throwing and a lot of other things made the entire movie experience exciting. You just don’t experience such things in posh, comatose multiplexes.

Jogayya is a sequel film to Jogi (Megahit), directed by prem. Yet to watch the movie but have inadvertently listened to the songs and m really fascinated, dumbstruck with Unbearable absurdity of prem’s absolute, sparkling lunacy. It is simply terrific! The songs alone give you a kinda kick! Imagine watching the movie ! Music director is V. Harikrishna and the album has 8 tracks, lyrics – who else? Obey your master.. Master..”Prem”

Kuri Kolina of Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash
Muka Moothinu ThoLidhene Olenu Hachchangilla
Nighty Haakonde Gandange Coffeenu Kodangilla

Yen lyrics guru! I only loved the part in which Shreya says Hogli Bidu Hogli Bidu Hoogli Bidu.. that’s all!!

Gangeye Avana of Shankar Mahadevan
Bangi Hodithano, Henda Kudithano
Theladuthano Sumne Kunithano…
prem bangi hodd-di, henda kudd-di, thelaadi, sumne kundaadi, taleketti haad baritano.. :P

Thagalaakkonde of Upendra, Priya Himesh
This one builds slowly from the beginning but gets messed up with gibberish lyrics.

Jogaiah Baa of Shreya Ghoshal
For a talent like shreya ghoshal you just give 4 lines to speak! What a shame!

Yaru Kaanadooru of Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
apart from the bizarre music, Shreya, Nigam have restored some sanity to it.

Hetthavalalla Avalu  of Sonu Nigam
Ah! Prem and his perpetual sentiments for mother!  How sweeeet!

Odole of Prem, Shreya Ghoshal
Very similar to ‘Hodimaga’ of Jogi, however odole is very third-rate-cheap-absurd song that has no meaning at all!
Yedhuraagi Barali Ninage
Nanna Pranane Koduve Konege
Baaro Yogiyaagi .. ..  Odale Odale

Baaro Baaro antha karithane… matte odale..odale anthane.. :P

Well, I simply cannot fathom the uniqueness of prem’s lyrical brilliance; probably the great mind-fucks ‘David Lynch’ or ‘Luis bunuel’ can… Any bets?

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2 responses to “Unbearable absurdity of prem’s absolute, sparkling lunacy.

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  1. I absolutely like the vocabulary used in the header of this article. It was really hard to withstand the torture of this film in the theatre. I was faked again!! :-(

  2. Ah! great :) is your brain still working.. ?! and btw always remember.. i wanna tell you the way you should say it and that is right way.. Kuri KoLina Soomvara Shanivara Kuyyangilla… :P ;)

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