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Definition of a Cult Film:

A cult film is defined through a variety of combinations that include four major elements:

  • Anatomy: the film itself – its features: content, style, format, and generic modes.
  • Consumption: the ways in which it is received – the audience reactions, fan celebrations, and critical receptions.
  • Political Economy: the financial and physical conditions of presence of the film – its ownerships, intentions, promotions, channels of presentation, and the spaces and times of its exhibition.
  • Cultural status: the way in which a cult film fits a time or region – how it comments on its surroundings, by complying, exploiting, critiquing, or offending.

We do not propose that all of these elements need to be fulfilled together. But we do suggest that each of them is of high significance in what makes a film cult.

Well, to start off with Delhi Belly is from a different league, very different from the typical bollywood movies that are packed with repetitive, mundane action, masala and drama. The design is simple, good(not exceptional), establishes really well but in the latter part, it is deficient in ideas, does really have extremely funny moments however that is clichéd onto the other elements which are recurring. Cuss words are used like never before and are very natural, free-flowing.

The movie is certainly entertaining, technically very brilliant but then the usage of swear words, toilet humor and a mediocre story qualify to make Delhi Belly a cult movie? I really do not think so.

Imran Khan says “I feel that Delhi Belly will go down as a cult film in its genre, if Delhi Belly works, it will encourage a lot of people to try such kind of cinema. We are pushing so many boundaries and taking so many risks with Delhi Belly that if the film works, producers in our country will want to take risks too by making such films.”

Oh! okkaay.. Imran doesn’t have a faintest idea of what it takes to be a cult movie. Pushing boundaries and encourage a lot of people to do what? Come up films like Kolkatta-Rasgulla, Mumbai-Vadapav, Madras-Dosa? Create such soul-less humor?  Just by integrating pop culture, cuss words and promoting it hard-core doesn’t make it sound cool or cult. The movie is a hit beacause we are now witnessing a drastic change in the style of movie making and people are just fascinated by this change. A whole new different face of bollywood which is now waking up to the fact that stereotypes won’t sell anymore.

I and my colleague were discussing the same when he mentioned about kannada director Guruprasad movies: Mata, Eddelu Manjunatha. The movies were a culture shock for the industry and didn’t reach the masses but the humor had some essence in it , it was much more rational and satirical.

Delhi Belly is a kind of movie that purely entertains; neither of its characters make you feel revered nor feel offended. However I certainly agree that its music has a certain cult feel/touch. It’s such a shame that the movie had only glimpses of it and I hereby conclude

Dear, Aamir m Very Sorry, that your movie is just a Over-Hyped Bum…
I Hope very soon you can come up with real potty On Ur Own…

I wonder how ‘Delhi-Belly’ would be, if it were to be directed by Anurag Kashyap. Any Guesss??

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